Remote talking

02 April 2020

I created a talk about remote work on 2019, based on my experience working remotely at Stack Overflow. I gave it at a meetup on summer of 2019 and, after a couple of rejections at other conferences, it got accepted at t3chfest 2020 - which got postponed due to COVID-19 lockdowns on Spain. Now, in just a matter of days, I’ll be giving it in full to a group of friendly people (thanks!) and then an abridged 15 minute short version at RemoteCon 2020 that you can still register to! I hope that sharing my experience is helpful for all...

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How to write a talk

31 March 2020

The steps for writing a talk are really simple, but the process of writing a post about them is not.

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Enabling SSL in 20 seconds with Certbot and Let's Encrypt

16 June 2019

It’s been ages since I’ve setup a server, yesterday I did it and was pleasantly surprised of how quick and easy it is to set up a SSL enabled website these days.

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