Hi! I’m Vinko. I currently work as a software developer at Stack Overflow. Previously I had lots of IT and development related roles at completely unknown companies.

I like giving talks and sometimes people let me. Afterwards they are either too polite or I do a relatively good job because I usually receive compliments, such as:

Working culture, remote work, storytelling and personal improvement are some subjects I’m interested in and have produced content about so far.

I’ve moved my writings to Vinko writes for now.

I’ve given talks about remote work and work culture at Software Crafters Meetup Madrid (Madrid, 2019 - unrecorded), RemoteCon 2020, and T3chDays1 (in Spanish, an adaptation and translation of RemoteCon’s talk - available here).

I’ve also done so at company meetups (Stack Overflow and before) - but sadly they aren’t public. Subjects there ranged from how we did to how to tell a story to how to improve personally.

Other than that I can only tell you that if you’ve seen one of my talks or read some of my articles and want to give me other viewpoints, start a conversation or ask questions - please do it now! Yes, right now, stop reading this and contact me! Use those icons! Email, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, anything’s good! Did you do it? Great! Talk to you soon!

Don’t know what to write about? Write if you want me to give a talk. Write if you want to share an idea about an article. Write if you want to say how wrong I am. Write if you want to say hi. Write if you want to, about anything!

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